Thursday, September 28, 2006

House Bill on Military Tribunals for Terrorists

At the link is a copy of the house bill passed with 160 democrats voting against the bill (see Hugh Hewitt's blog).

After a quick review of the text of the bill I am impressed. The bill if very well written. It correctly recognizes and expounds a correct understanding of the law of war and provides the unlawful combatants to be tried with appropriate due process safe guards while not compromising security or making a trial impossible for practical purposes. What amazes me is that anyone could find a reason to vote against the bill. Exactly what provisions did the nay voters object to and why?

I suspect the nay votes show a dangerous lack of connection with reality. The standards in this bill are more than our own troops would get as POWs accused of war crimes in almost any nation. The definitions of war crimes and torture are really the same we apply to our own military. The triable offenses are all evil unlawful acts that violate the true laws of God and the standards and customs of the law abiding members international community. The due process provisions are as great as possible without making the trials impracticable.

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