Monday, September 11, 2006


Today we remember the people who lost their lives on 9/11. We celebrate the heroic sacrifice made by those who fought against the hijackers and those who responded to the crisis, dying, suffering, and risking all to save others. And, we recommit ourselves to the war against islamo-fascism; the struggle to save the world from the anti-Christian ambitions of would be Caliphs.

The physical conflict is important. If our armed forces, intelligence, and law enforcement do not continue to kill, out think, and thwart the islamo-fascists, the islamo-fascists will continue to kill, deceive, and oppress as many people as they can. The war is essential. Any theater where islamo-fascists can be lured to fight and die instead of focusing on terror in the west is advantageous for the war against islamo-fascism.

But the end game of this struggle will be spiritual. We cannot commit genocide to end the conflict. And, as long as there are new islamo-fscists the conflict will continue, even if it disappears for decades as it did in the 1900’s. The root causes of the conflict are spiritual. It is not really Western sins or Eastern poverty that motivates the islamo-fascist. It is erroneous faith in a violent and bitter version of a false religion that motivates the islamo-fascist.

How can we win this war? We must never give up the struggle or loose hope or perspective. We must learn about and understand our enemies instead of believing the secular platitudes of the media. We must not hate Muslims. We must pray for God to break the hold Islam has on much of the world. We must somehow get the gospel to the Islamic world. And, we must pray that God will cause the message of the gospel to bear so much fruit that it will choke out the thorns and thistles of islamo-fascism. Democracy will not hurt the Islamic world. It may take some pressure off the west. But only Christ can really change the hearts of the people so they no longer fall prey to the poisons of the false teachers and propagandists of islamo-fascism.

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