Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Election is Over

So the election is over and the results are almost all in.

The American public has spoken. Like King Lear they have chosen those who tell them what they want to hear. They have chosen Grimma Wormtongue over Gandalff. The have rejected the party that proved incompetent at doing good or explaining it in favor of the party that seeks sin and death under the cover of glowing platitudes.

By the grace of God things almost never turn out as badly as they could, and the election is no exception. It will not be the end of the world. Hopefully everyone will learn from it. Prolife Democrat's did well. If the Democrat party gives up abortion they can continue to do well too. Moderate big business and country club Republicans did badly. The Republicans need to remember first principles instead of being the party of personal peace and affluence or the party of the status quo. But the news media, pied pipers that they are, are already saying that to win Republicans must become less principles. Will people learn?

The fight for the Supreme Court could be lost if the Senate falls to the democrat's. When Justice Stevens retires (and he cannot hold on much longer) there will be a huge push by Democrats to replace him with another pro-abortion justice. If they succeed, the blood of millions of additional aborted children will be on the hands of this generation. We have a chance to overturn Roe with just one more pro-life, or even strict constructionist judge. But that chance may be lost if the Senate races in Virginia or Montana go to the pro-abortion party.

And, what of the war? Islamofacists around the world are congradulating each other this morning. Will the House force premature withdrawal from Iraq and let the bloody civil war there grow worse till Iraq becomes a terrorist state? Will we go on the defensive in the war on terror and waist billions of dollars on the Democrats target hardening and law enforcement strategies while our enemies grow strong and bold over-seas?

Will we end up with not only no family protection amendment, but laws requiring that school children be taught that homosexual marriage is normal and good? We have lost a battle in the culture war due to the perfidy of our own side. Now the war will be even more intense.


Lynn Green said...

I sorta felt this way after 2004. You are wrong in your analysis, but I can sympathize with your feelings.

Dean McConnell said...

Ah, so you must be a Democrat. I value your thoughts. Why do you think my analysis is wrong?