Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democrates Against Democracy

Now that we are once again in an election season, there is more talk once again this year about election fraud and the supposed repression of voters. Throughout American history there have been instances of voter fraud, especially in New York City, New Jersey and a few of the northeastern states. Chicago is also known for its own problems in this respect. While there has been Republican involvement in election fraud, the majority of well-known historical election fraud has been perpetrated by the Democratic Party. The same is still true today. When illegal aliens and dead people vote, they are usually voting Democrat, although the recent scandal in Orange County has shown that Republicans are not free from fault in this respect. History has shown that there was substantial election fraud in the election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Kennedy won because of fraudulent election results. Nixon was aware of this but waived his right to object and demand an investigation. Nixon believed that the integrity of American’s belief in voting and democracy was more important than the results of his individual race.

Today we experience exactly the opposite. Even though there is relatively little voter fraud and virtually no voter intimidation, left wing elements within the Democratic Party are constantly trying to create the impression that there is wide-spread intimidation of Democrat voters and that there is wide-spread voter fraud by Republicans. Neither of these things is empirically true. If anything, the reverse is probably the case. Nevertheless, this constant rebel rousing about voter intimidation and fraud is creating growing doubt among the American electorate.

Democracy requires trust in order to function. People have to believe that their votes really count. They have to believe that voting is a viable substitute for forced violence and the rule of the mob. By reducing trust in our election system, these radical elements within the Democratic Party are undermining democracy itself in the United States. Perhaps this is logical for them since many radical left-wing elements believe in one form of totalitarian rule or another. But for those many people in the Democrat and Republican parties who love freedom, raising the level of distrust in democracy is neither rational nor wise. Even though the electorate may not always make the right decision, it is better for us to have a republic in which people vote than to be under the control of elites or to have public offices swayed by who can put forward the most persuasive (or the best news media covered) demonstration in major cities.


Lynn Green said...

Just ask Democrats how they feel about how the vote was stolen in Ohio. Quit being so self-righteous. It does no credit to the one you claim to serve.

Dean McConnell said...

I do not believe the vote in Ohio was stollen. But I understand how you would feel.