Monday, October 09, 2006

Trinity Law School Mission

This is the mission statement for TLS:

Trinity Law School Mission Statement

Trinity Law School exists to serve Christ by championing a biblical view of human law and government through our students, graduates, faculty, and staff.

In application of this mission Trinity Law School commits to:

Uphold Trinity International University’s commitment to biblical, historic, evangelical Christianity.

Integrate law and theology throughout our curriculum, scholarship, co-curricular activities and overall strategy

Acquaint students with a classic Christian natural law theory of jurisprudence

Promote engagement in and support of public service and pro-bono legal work

Enable our student to evaluate law and public policy from a Christian perspective

Develop in our students a deep sense of commitment to ethical legal practice and public service

Equip students to critically analyze and constructively engage contemporary culture

Provide students with a thorough understanding of law and the skills necessary for a life of service

Give an opportunity for legal education to students from diverse backgrounds

Create opportunities for students from economically challenged circumstances to attend law school

Produce scholarly and popular literature and broadcast media which embody a biblical Christian perspective on law and public policy

We are currently accepting students for Spring 2007. See our web site for details and legal information:

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