Thursday, October 26, 2006

Europe's Hatred of its Foundation

At the link (hat tip: Rantburg) is an article by a writer with the pen name Fjordman on the importance of Christianity to Western Civilization and the multiculturalists suicidal embrace of Islam and hatred for Christianity. What makes the article unusual is that Fjordman is a non-believer. But he agrees with one quoted author that:

“As long as there is separation between religion and state, those of us who don't have any religious belief should prefer religions which tend to create reasonable and prosperous communities. Our traditional Judeo-Christian religions have proven this capability. Islam never has, and probably never will. As Australia's Cardinal George Pell says, ‘some seculars are so deeply anti-Christian, that anyone opposed to Christianity is seen as their ally. That could be one of the most spectacularly disastrous miscalculations in history.’”

Fjordman admits the hostility of current elites in Europe (and we might add parts of coastal America) to both Christianity and Judaism:

“The First Commandment of Multiculturalism is: Thou shalt hate Christianity and Judaism. Multiculturalists also hate nation states, and they even hate the Enlightenment, by insisting that non-Western cultures should be above scrutiny.
It is sometimes claimed that Islam is a "European" or Western religion. Ironically, we can test this by using "cosmopolitan Multiculturalists" such as Mr. Hylland Eriksen. They hate everything that's seen as Western and they like Islam, precisely because it's anti-Western.”
But as Fjordman also notes, Western civilization is what it is because of Christianity.

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