Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Movie Review: End of the Spear

Over the weekend I saw The End of the Spear. The film was well executed. The acting was excellent. The script was well written. The sound track was a little too mushy in spots, but was not bad. The film is too violent for young children and does involve skimpy jungle clothing (but it is not sexy). I recommend seeing this film.

Too often films about Christians are stilted and lacking in subtlety. Poorly made films forfeit the powerful affect film can have when it makes us think and feel in ways we might not otherwise have experienced. Thankfully this film is an exception. We see and understand a part of the gospel with the people in the film. The film leaves a positive impression and a desire to know more instead of a feeling of being preached at.

I have seen comments in the secular media attacking this film for being like the stilted and preachy films of past evangelical film making. I think those remarks are wrong. Some people will object to any film that makes Christianity a real part of real life because they cannot connect the Christian world view with reality. This film does show how Christianity really did impact the lives of very real people in a very good and very real way.

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