Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Case on "In God We Trust" on Money

For years there were false rumors about challenges to "In God We Trust" on money in the US. Now it has happened. Pacific Justice Institute, a first amendment public interest law organization with an internship program here at TLS has become involved. Today they sent out an e-mail explaining the case.

"The lawsuit, naming the U.S. Congress as a defendant, was filed late last year by atheist minister, Michael Newdow, 52, who is the founder and ordained minister of the First amendment Church of True Science (FACTS). The suit alleges that it would be highly hypocritical for FACTS to accept money that has In God We Trust inscribed on it. Newdow, who is also an attorney, stated that he feels like a political outsider every time I see In God We Trust on our coins and currency, on government documents, and on other governmental locales. He also claims that when he travels to foreign countries and exchanges American currency he is being forced to evangelize for a religious view I explicitly deny."

We are praying to PJI and others to succeed in preserve this vaugue and minimal acknowlegdment of the most important reality - God. The elimination of the phrase would be hostility to the idea that God is a reality and that government, rights, and morality are based upon God's order for the universe. We do well to acknowledge a trust in God.

As for Newdow, I suggest he accept contributions in the form of checks and money orders instead of cash.

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