Tuesday, December 13, 2005

World Magazine AP News - Williams Execution

Last night the state executed major gang founder Stanley Williams. Williams went to his death not admitting his guilt and seeking a reprieve.

A great contrast is seen in many of the executions in England in the 16th and 17th centuries. In their final statements people often confessed their crimes and sins, testified to their hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and warned young people to learn from their example and avoid a life of crime - specifically because it lead to death by execution.

sadly, that sort of end is very rare today. And when one occurs the news media would undoubtedly debunk it. Our system of last minute appeals actually encourages people not to admit their wrongdoing. But I do not see how we could improve the system without taking away the opportunity to save someone genuinely found to be innocent at the last minute.

I hope Mr. Williams came to believe the gospel. I also hope his death will discourage those tempted to follow in his footsteps. A few children's books cannot save you from the consequences of a life of crime. But being a good example is a more noble way to enter into the hereafter.

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