Thursday, December 01, 2005

BBC NEWS | Africa | South Africa to have gay weddings

Comming soon to your state?

This story on the courts of South Africa mandating same sex marriage is another evidence of the need for a constitutional amendment in the United States to protect marriage. The way law schools all over the world train future judges and future attorneys to approach the law makes judicially required homosexual marriage a high probability. It can be postponed through state legislation. But it will not be stopped unless we both amend the federal constitution and change the fundamental approach to legal education.

Over time the idea of objective moral truth that comes from God has been separated from the realm of human law. Somehow, we need to reassert, as a culture, that the only legitimate human law is that which is within the unchanging moral law of God. And we need to be honest about what that moral law approves and does not approve. God's law gives us great freedom to make different human laws. But there are certain boundaries that should be observed. Requiring the state to approve of and teach a practice forbidden by God transgresses the boundaries set for human laws by the laws of God. So no human laws to that effect should be enacted or articulated by courts or legislatures. It is also true that courts should not be making law at all. But we will save that story for as different day.

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