Monday, July 02, 2007

Government and Happiness

Chuck Colson has a great column discussing Tony Blair’s unpopularity. I agree with Colson that while Blair was wrong on many issues, he has done a better job than most Britains think. Why is Blair so unpopular? Not because he is not pro-life enough or because he weakened the House of Lords – no. Colson believes it is because people expect government to make them happy and Blair failed to produce happiness. Colson said:
“While there are many reasons why unhappiness is on the rise, people on both sides of the Atlantic expect government to do something about it. The same poll that measured Brits' unhappiness found that 80 percent of them believed that the ’government's prime objective should be the 'greatest happiness.' "
The purpose of government is to restrain evil and encourage good. But governments cannot make people happy. The harder governments try to make people happy the more misery they create.
The foundation for deep and lasting happiness is in knowing the source of happiness – God. Really knowing God is only possible through Jesus, the second person of the Trinity. We know Jesus first and foremost through God’s revelation in the Bible. The Bible also reveals God’s ways to us. The more we live in tune with God’s ways for life, the happier we will be as well. The more we are thankful and giving, the happier we will be. The more we seek to bless others, the happier we will be. The more we practice virtue, the happier we will be. The more we seek justice for others and have mercy on those who have hurt us, the happier we will be. The more we love, the happier we will be. The government cannot do any of those things for you - nor can it make you do them - nor can it make doing them easier.

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