Monday, January 22, 2007

Roe v. Wade: Dark Anniversary

This is the 30 year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Roe is one of the worst decisions ever made by any court on the planet in the entire history of mankind – a decision for which much of the nation and most urban attorneys are still unrepentant. Roe and its’ companion case, Doe v. Bolton, created the existing regime of abortion on demand for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy, without significant regulation. As Amherst Philosopher Hadley Arkes has pointed out in his excellent book Natural Rights and the Right to Choose Roe has warped the entire American political context. Until the Roberts court, our courts ignored their own rules on ripeness, standing, statutory interpretation, and genuine cases and controversies to quickly invalidate statutes limiting even the most obviously immoral abortions. Our politicians have ignored morality, science, and the popular will in order to maintain the killing of millions of babies to the hurt of the country and the worsening of many social ills. Our media have turned their backs on the pretense of investigation and truth telling to become propagandists for the abortion industry at any cost. For the sake of cheap sex without consequences or significance our people have ignored the proper laws of God and man and hardened their hearts against their own offspring.

Oh unhappy day of death and shame,
Dead heart and conscience lamed,
Baser passions a god enthroned,
Powerless lives like grass mowed,
Darkest motives hidden deep,
And leviathan lies tight to keep.
May God this evil day amend,
And right restore before the end,
Least judgment withering send
Ignition into our chaff land
And Justice slay the best of hope,
Who purity left low in their day.

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