Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday

Yesterday we commemorated Good Friday, the anniversary of Jesus willing submission to death on the cross as a sacrifice to pay for the sins of all who truly believe in his identity, work, and message.

Tomorrow is Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus crowning proof that he was not only the Messiah, but fully God and fully man. Jesus permanent resurrection from the dead, never to die again, vindicated his claims and message in a way no other message has ever been vindicated. The resurrection is the seal of God's approval on the work of his second person, the greatest evidence ever offered by God to man, and the first permanent resurrection foreshadowing the resurrection of the dead by God before the final judgment.

That Jesus has not only solved the sin and guilt problems and reconciled us to God, but has proved that death has been conquered as well is a source of great joy to every believer in Jesus.

Have a blessed resurrection Sunday!

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Atone said...


Hello. Several years ago, I used to run a blog called The Broken Messenger that was shut down in December 2006. Back then you commented a few times and tossed a link my way that still exists today. After shutting the blog down and allowing the URL to expire, it was picked up by a new age sort of motivational business that probably doesn't offer the kind of content you'd want to direct your readers to.

At any rate, I started a new bible commentary blog a few months ago at and if it's not that much trouble, I'd greatly appreciate a link to that blog in substitute to the old one.

Yours in Jesus,

Brad Huston

P.S. Sorry for sending this through your comments section, but I couldn't find an email listed for you.