Monday, June 02, 2008

California Proposition 98 or 99?

Tomorrow is the election in California. Some people are very confused about propositions 98 and 99. 98 is a response to the Kelo court decision which upheld the growing practice of governments seizing land from private parties and handing it over to other private parties for uses preferred by the government. 98 will make it more difficult for the government to seize land for good and legitimate purposes too, but it will still be possible. 98 also gradually ends rent control. Rent control seems nice for people who have a rent controlled apartment, but it creates housing shortages and encourages landlords to do as little as is required to improve and keep up their properties.

99 is a response to 98. If it passes by more votes it blocks 98. 99 protects rent control and allows broader latitude for the government to continue to take land than 98 allows.

If you want to read more here are some links:

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Full Text 99: League of Women Voters guide. Their analysis & the full text of the proposition.

Difference between Props. 98, 99. Orange County Register

PLF on 99

Yes on 98, No on 99,_no_on_99?page=full

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Proposition 98 ultimately invalidates itself and is an attempt by landlords to have the government bail them out of bad purchases during the real estate bubble: