Monday, February 11, 2008

The Death Penalty and Belief

As many have pointed out, if you are a thinking radical materialist, there are few things worse than death. So, such secular people tend to oppose the death penalty. At this link is a Weekly Standard article on how religious people tend to be more comfortable with the death penalty: . Hat tip to "This Wasn't in the Plan": .

If you believe in Christianity, death is not the end or the worst thing that can happen at all. So it sort of makes sense that Christians are more likely to allow the death penalty. The Bible justifies the death penalty by noting the special dignity of human beings as persons made "in the image of God."

I have been unhappy with the death penalty as applied. Too many innocent people get convicted in our courts. But I do believe it is in accord with justice and moral law when properly applied. Taking life intentionally and unjustly forfeits the right to life of the murderer. Human life is too sacred not to have the highest penalty for its destruction. But, as I say, you need to be sure the person you seek to execute is really guilty of murder.

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