Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The End of the Slave trade

My pastor, Don Shoemaker, reminded our church members today that January 1, 1808 was the day the legal importation of slaves to the US was abolished. It is sad it took so much more time and bloodshed to end illegal slave importation and slavery within the united States. Never-the-less, the abolition of the United States' legal international slave trade was an important mile stone and should be celebrated.

I hope that 200 years from now the great injustices and problems of our time will have been eliminated. I think of the following: abortion on demand; human clone research; Islamo-fascism; legally sanctioned cruelty to women and children around the world; widespread religious persecution by Islam, secularists, and state sponsored religions; stubborn anti-rationality within many sectors of society; widespread ignorance of the Bible, Christian theology, history, economics, and basic truth about human nature and human institutions; the instrumentalist/materialist assumptions of most legal education; And, the rejection of the classic Christian understanding of the Rule of Law.

But I am encouraged. We are still very blessed by a patient, long suffering, gracious and forgiving Providence. We have the freedom and the tools to make the needed changes. I pray God gives us the faith, the hope, the grace, and the will to do so.

Happy New Year.

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