Monday, July 02, 2007

Hope from History

Do not be discouraged.

In the fight to reform America and her laws, it could be easy to become discouraged. More and more people seem to be rejecting the very idea that moral truth exists, can be known, and should be the spirit behind all human laws.

But things have been as bad or worse at other times I history. In the late 1830’s and early 1840’s the congress of the United States was so set against even hearing about the immorality of slavery that they instituted a gag rule preventing the discussion of slavery. They even attempted to restrict the right to petition the congress about abolition. The struggle was long and hard, but slavery was abolished, and the civil rights movement moved us toward the end of the lasting legacy of slavery.

Part of the struggle against slavery was the Civil War. Today is the anniversary of the second day of the battle of Gettysburg. On the second day, the Southern army was still winning despite valiant efforts at Little Round Top and across the field of that grim, battle. If the Northern Army had been broken at Gettysburg, the South might have won the war and civil rights might never have been won. But the third day, at great cost, the North succeeded in turning the tide.

Today, even though we have great material prosperity, we are at war with many bad ideas and ideologies for the future and the souls of men and women. But one day human life will be respected, the islamofascists will be defeated, real freedom will survive, and the gospel will have been preached to all the nations of the earth. This will happen through the work of God in one way or another. We should all count it an honor to be part of the struggle.

Stand fast. Hold on to what is true. Fight on.

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Vance Esler said...

Good words! Thank you.