Monday, April 16, 2007

Abortion: UK Gives Some Hope

Did you know that in much of “liberal” Europe there are greater restrictions on abortion than in the USA?

For example, in the UK, according to the Evening Standard:

“Abortion is legal in Britain up to nine months if doctors believe the baby has a severe disability or the mother's life is at risk.
But termination for 'social' reasons - the effect of the pregnancy on the mental health and well-being of the mother - is legal up to 24 weeks.”

By contrast, though out nearly all the US abortion is legal for any reason for all nine months. Why can’t we limit the killing of unborn human beings at least as much as the UK when over 70% of Americans are willing to accept such limits?

In another improvement in the UK, the Evening Standard reports many public health service doctors are refusing to perform abortions on ethical grounds. The government has been forced to hire increasing numbers of private doctors to meet the tragic demand for abortion. But the trend among doctors shows that conscience is still alive, even in the UK.

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