Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Foundational Law Quotes I

“Learning in the law entails knowledge of God and man and mastery of the difference between justice and injustice.” - Justinian


Benjamin Bush Jr. said...

What nature of "knowledge" of God is required?

Dean McConnell said...

The more the better. The less the worse.

Benjamin Bush Jr. said...

In what way is "more" knowledge of God "better" when learning the law?

Dean McConnell said...

Christ is the key to all knowledge. The more we know about God the better we understand the way the universe works. The more we understand how the universe is designed to function the more likely it is that we will create and apply human laws justly and effectively.

Benjamin Bush Jr. said...

I definintely agree with your statement about Christ being the key to all knowledge! I wonder, though, what does acknowledging God reveal about our personal relationship with Him? I have written a piece dealing with this very issue at http://thepoliticsofheaven.blogspot.com/2006/07/american-civil-religion-and.html

I would be interested in your response.

Dean McConnell said...

That depends on what you mean by "acknowledging" God.

Only the elect people of God fully accept God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enter into relationship with God.

But, all human knowledge is parasitic on God's revelation in some way. So even non-believers acknowledge some truth about God whenever they believe a true proposition. But knowledge of truth about law or physics or geography or farming or beauty is not saving faith, even though it is tied to some knowledge about God because it involves truth about the universe He created and the Universals that flow from His mind.

It is also true that Christians are able to know more truth than those who reject Christ for several reasons.