Friday, June 23, 2006

Movie review: Hoodwinked

Thursday night I watched a DVD of the animated film “Hoodwinked.” I thought it was great. Very funny. The film is a retelling of the Red Ridding Hood fairy tail. But it takes a special spin on it by adding new elements and approaching it like a contemporary mystery/adventure/musical comedy. Much of the humor in the film comes from spoofing popular movies and books.

One of the interesting features of the film is that you see the facts of the story from four different perspectives. Each character sees different things. But, unlike contemporary post modernism, there is a right answer. All the pieces of the puzzle fit together and make logical sense as a systematic whole to reveal the truth. The film is full of surprises. It warns us against stereotypes and jumping to conclusions, but does not deny that the truth is out there to be discovered and acted on.

The film would be fun for children, but, I think they would miss most of the cultural references that make the film funny.

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