Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Good News on Abortion Front

Liberty counsel has announced another victory in the fight against abortion. From the Liberty announcement:

"The Florida Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Women's Right to Know Act, a statute prohibiting abortion without the informed and voluntary consent of the patient. Liberty Counsel filed an Amicus Brief in the case on behalf of the Catholic Medical Association and the Christian Medical Association. . . . The Florida Supreme Court construed the statute as an informed consent statute and stated, "The doctrine of informed consent is well recognized, has a long history, and is grounded in the common law and based in the concepts of bodily integrity and patient autonomy." The Court stated, "The termination of pregnancy is unquestionably a medical procedure and we conclude that, as with any other medical procedure, the State may require physicians to obtain informed consent from a patient prior to terminating pregnancy."The brief filed at the Supreme Court by Liberty Counsel argued that women make better choices when they are fully informed of the consequences and, like any other medical procedure, women simply have the right to be fully informed. The brief also argued that "a right exercised in ignorance is not freedom. It's just tyranny once removed."" (emphasis added)

Since Roe v. Wade abortion has had special treatment in which it was sheltered from the normal requirements of the law. As we have noted before, that seems to be changing. this new Florida case, allowing the law to require the same informed consentnt for abortion as for other medical procedures, is another sign of the shift toward the rule of law beginning to apply even to that most unlawful activity - the killing of the unborn.

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